My inspirator 'candle'

Let's share about "who's ur motivator??"
my motivators in my life are: ('big people')
1. My lovely mom'

she is a super woman for me.
mom,.your the queen of my heart..
love u always,.!!
forever and ever! :-)

2. My dearest dad'

panggilan-panggilan sayang itu hanya untukmu..
semangat dan kerja kerasmu membuat ku terus semangat menjalani hidup ini.
love u so daddy quu,.!!
big huge for you,.

my parents make me become a big girl..
you always give me strength..

3. my great teacher, Mr. Mulyadi
Mr. Mulyadi is my teacher when i was in 6th grade in elementary school.
He is so awesome!
he gave me a lot of things, such as he gave me the value of the life,.he gave me spirit to do better,.
the biggest thing that i've got, the aim of this education life is to find who i am!!
i never forget it..
but until now, i lost contact with him,.
i miss my big teacher so much..
i wanna meet with him, then say 'thanks very very much for everything that you have given for me', though i realize my thanks is not enough to 'pay' it for him.
But i'll try to do my best for this life..
He is my inspiration for my dream in my future life.
So i decide to continue his struggle in education,.
Hope i can do it well.
Welcome 'Education life'....!!!!
i will survive inside..!!!

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