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Anyer, We're coming!

Last holiday we (me and Ari) decided to go to one of a beautiful beach in Anyer, Banten. Its name's Pantai Sirih Pasir Putih . It looked like a new destination for tourist who would come here, because the way into it was still being developed. We went there early morning, about 8 o'clock (others usually come about 10 or 11 o'clock). I was very glad coming here, cz i couldn't only enjoy the sandy beach, but also i could enjoy a coral one. So refreshiiiiiinngggg :))))
I present you this beautiful place.... 


Black and Blue for a Beach Holiday
Skirt by Hayla
Scarf and Top by Private Colllection
Location: Pantai Sirih Pasir Putih, Anyer, Banten

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